Support files for the SpeakJet Development Board

PhraseALator.exe (v1.40)    This program is provided by Magnavation to allow you to exercise and program the SpeakJet chip.  Magnavation does not provide an installation program for this software.  You can download and install this program on your computer, but it may not function if your computer does not already have the required drivers installed.  Note that to date every version of this program has had the same file name.  All versions earlier than v1.40 had problems communicating with the computer.  It is very important that you use v1.40 or later with the SpeakJet Development Board.

MSCOM32.ocx   This file must be installed on your computers SYSTEM or SYSTEM32 directory (depending on the operating system) for the PhraseALator software to work.  It will need to be installed in the Registry using REGSVR32.EXE.  You will need to be knowledgeable about installing and registering such files in order to use it.  We have placed this file here for the convenience of those that know how to use it.  We provide no further information.

PhraseALator Installer (v1.40)   (C) 2004 Tigerbotics   This zip file contains a complete Windows Installation Program written by Tigerbotics for the PhraseALator software.  It installs not only the program but also any drivers required by your computer for proper operation.  Using this program greatly simplifies the installation process and avoids the possibility of having missing drivers.  The program has been tested on both Windows XP and 98SE.  This file is the property of Tigerbotics and may not be posted to any website or distributed by any other means without the express written permission of Tigerbotics.

SpeakJet Development Board Manual (09/09/04)  This is the latest version of the manual provided with the SpeakJet Development System.  The file is in PDF format and is about 340K).

Stamp Sample Code   This program has been provided by Parallax, Inc. to demonstrate how to communicate with their line of BASIC Stamp products.  The example code works with any of the 24-pin Parallax BASIC Stamp modules (BS2, BS2e, BS2p and BS2SX) and automatically corrects for their different baud rates.